We originally launched the North Standard brand in our shop in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada in 2012. What started out as a collection of lifestyle goods adorned with our mascot bear, grew to a lifestyle collection that was quickly adopted by our shop neighbourhood and has spread across the nation.

In December 2020, we decided to close the shop, and go to an online only model. North Standard is available here on our website and also through our Retail Partners.

What is important to the North Standard brand?


The "Standard" in our name represents those staples in your closet that you keep coming back to, those items that never let you down. We always aim to create products that last the test of time. This means quality and durability, NOT fast disposable fashion. This ensures that you can have your favourites for good time and a long time.

This also means taking care of our planet. We acknowledge our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment, and are committed to promoting sustainability and durability in everything that we do, from the products we make, how we package and ship them - using as much recyclable and compostable material as we can - and our policies and procedures in our shop.


We are a proudly Canadian company and design our collection with Canadians in mind. All of our product design is done here in Canada and we strive to do as much manufacturing here as we can. We are very transparent about where our goods are produced in our product description. In a nutshell though, the majority of the collection is either made in or finished in Canada.


We are a small family business and our collection is developed for EVERY family, whatever that looks like for you. We take pride in making all our designs un-gendered for adults and children alike.

We also give back to our community and focus on the needs of families and children. Our two biggest charitable campaigns are our Family Bear and Pride Collections which give to our local hospital's kids clinic and a camp for 2SLGBTQ+ kids respectively. 


Thanks so much for learning more about our small business and for supporting us. 

Pam and Frank (and Eddie)